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The Treasure Chest of Art
Over 700 participating artists worldwide.
Click here to see the list of artists.

Order yours today!

Don't miss out on this fabulous piece of artwork! Time payments, Paypal and Shipping options are available.



CECE and the Treasure Chest Foundation welcomes
famed comic book
artist Jim Steranko to the Treasure Chest of Art Collection! For more info, including how to order, click here.


View a new card project in the works by Nick Pace, with full color artwork by Don Maitz (a new contributor to the Treasure Chest of Art project). Click here for the PR Sheet on the Raiding Parties CardGame.



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D.J. Allar drawing a Treasure Chest of Art sketch card.





2010 Non Sport Update Variant Issue

2010 Non Sport Update Variant Issue with cover by
Mark McHaley

This cover made its debut at the 10th Anniversary Chicagoland Expo. on Sept 10th, 2010. It also included a very rare and special card insert to help commemorate the 10th Anniversary Expo & the 6th year of hosting the Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation.

Visit our Charity Events for more information.


Paul was interviewed at SketchCardArt.blogspot.com!
Read his interview here!


Fall 2009 Variant Cover by Katie Cook!
Pick up your copy at the Expo! Proceeds benefit the Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation.


October 2007 Non-Sport Update magazine variant cover by Star Wars artist
Cynthia Cummens!
For details, click here!


Download the Dealers Contract for Non-Sport Card Annex & Collectors Gathering.


Please help artist
Scott Houseman raise as much money for Muscular Dystrophy as possible.
He has 3 auctions for trading cards. Here is his Ebay link. The artwork
is fantastic!
Auctions end this Sunday.
Don't miss the opporunity to own these cool works of art!

Please read Scott's request here.

Thanks for showing your
support for a worthy cause!



The CECE will be exhibiting
a table at the First New
Non-Sports Card Show in Carol Stream, IL.
We are there to help support
Ed & Kevin on
their new venture,
as well as bringing you the personal opportunity to purchase a
Treasure Chest of Art- Full Collection or as mystery singles.

The CECE is a proud sponsor
of artists Connie Persampieri
(Sat. only), Tom Kelly, and
Cynthia Narcisi
for this show! Come see
some amazing artwork. You will also have the chance to purchase
some for your very own!


Thanks and see you there!



Larry Thomas is an actor most recognized for his Emmy nominated performance as "The Soup Nazi" from Seinfeld and has been a guest at past expos. His new book, Confessions of a Soup Nazii, was published in December, 2014. Read an exceprt below and purchase your copy from www.realsoupnazi.com .

"...So it was finally here—shoot night! The bleachers were full and from what I heard, mostly important industry people. I must admit waiting for my first scene after the cameras were rolling on the first Jerry’s-living-room scene made me a little nervous. Sure I’d been acting for quite a few years and in every different situation. I’d done theater where set pieces have fallen in front of an audience, actors not showing up for an entrance in front of an audience, improv comedy in front of an audience where anything could happen, and film where the close-up is all powerful. The close-up on film is very exciting as everyone has already done their work to get to that moment. So if it’s your close-up, you can make or break everyone else’s work. It’s up to you. If you nail it, you’re everyone’s hero. If you blow it, there is more work for all. But still, I was a little nervous. This was Seinfeld after all, the hottest show on TV. When it was time for us to move into the soup kitchen for my first scene and I took my place behind the counter, the thought struck me, with four film cameras rolling—if I blew a take, would it not cost more than they were paying me? That kind of blew my mind. (Okay, I grew up in the sixties)...

...And then came the awful sound that you shouldn’t hear until the scene is over, and you know you nailed it. “Cut!” My stomach knotted. “Was it something I did?”

Read Confessions of a Soup Nazi; An Adventure in Acting and Cooking for this and many other stories and the recipes that follow. Every story has a recipe and every recipe has a story.

You can buy the book at www.realsoupnazi.com .

Sunday, April 19th, 2014

Sunday, March 23rd, 2014

Visit Paul and
the Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation at DanCon
at the Orland Park Civic Center

The CEll be accepting donations of new, sealed toys, CDs, DVDs, and full trading card boxes, as well as monetary donations.

The first fifty people to make a donation will have a choice of a very limited edition (only 50) Art Print by Thomas Barnett (some will be signed by the artist, so be the first to get one!) or a choice among a nice variety of comic book trades, generously donated by DanCon.

Below is the Art Print By Tom. I hope everyone likes it, I love it! Please share the information on your social media sites. The more people that come out, the better we can serve the children of
the Treasure Chest Foundation.
Thanks DanCon for supporting the Treasure Chest!

Orland Park Civic CenterCE wi

14750 Ravinia Ave. Orland Park, IL 60462

Thomas Barnett is a professional published illustrator and cartoonist. He has illustrated children's books, comic books, fishing books, apps, newspaper editorials and many other projects. He is well known for his daily comic strip, Lil' Miesters, which you can see at lilmiesters.com. Thomas is a regular at comic conventions and loves meeting fellow creators and fans.

April 5, 2014

Treasure Chest's 5th Annual Fundraiser Dinner

Meet Dan Pasqua, former professional baseball player who played in the Major Leagues from 1985-1994

Meet Milt Pappas, former professional baseball player in the Major Leagues from 1958-1974 including the Chicago Cubs

Chicago Gaelic Park
6119 147th St, Oak Forest, IL 60452


You can support the TCF by donating or taking out an ad in the program booklet. Please be as generous as possible. Every effort goes a long way towards putting a smile on the face of a child braving cancer. I look forward to seeing many of you there.

Thanks in advance. -Paul 



SPORTAPALOOZA Program Booklet Ad Reservation Form

CECE will be exhibiting at the following events on behalf of the Treasure Chest Foundation:

Feb. 22, 2014
Mighty Con

Dupage County Fairgounds in Wheaton
2015 Manchester Road.

March 2, 2014

Bridgeview Community Center
7900 S Oketo Ave, just west of Harlem Ave.

April 11 and 12, 2014
Chicago Nonsports Card Show

Holiday Inn Carol Stream
150 S Gary Ave, approx. 5 minutes west of I-355 expressway

More shows to be posted later, please bookmark and share on your social media.  


The Second Annual
Nonsport Card Annex
Sunday, Nov. 3, 2013

The show is held in conjunction with Toycon Toy Shows at the Bridgeview Community Center.
7900 S. Oketo Ave, just 1 light west of Harlem Ave off of 79th St.

Show hours: 8:30am to 2pm, Early Bird Admission at 8am.
General Admission $ 4.00 per person,
children under age 10 are FREE!
Early Bird Admission $ 6.00 per person
ONE Admission price. TWO Shows. FREE Parking! 



Participating Artists for the Little Treasures Custom Sketch Card Project: Connie Faye, Nino Mesarina, Kelli McDorman, and others to be announced. 


Mark McHaley

Connie Faye

Mandy Madrox

Nino Mesarina

Tony Miello

Bill Pulkovski

Tom Jozwiak
(Tom will be appearing with his famous fully functioning reproduction robots from your favorite movies andTV shows. Click to enlarge.)

Publisher, Black Heart Comics

Count and Countess Gregula

More to be announced.

Be sure to collect the CECE promo cards available on BOTH days!

And also at CECE:


The CECE in conjunction with ToyCon ToyShows present
the Non-Sport Card Annex & Collectors Gathering!

2 Shows, 1 low Admission!

8:30am to 2pm $ 4.00/person
8:00am Early Bird $ 6.00/person

Join us for the NS Card Trading Session 8am to 11am.

Welcome Guest Artist Connie Persampieri

Oremus Community Center
7900 S. Oketo Ave., Bridgeview, IL.
(Just South of 79th St., 1 light West of Harlem Ave. 5 mins.
from I-55 expressway!)

Happy 20th Anniversary, Toy Con!

Contact Paul for the Non-Sport Annex at cecexpo@gmail.com

Contact Terry for the ToyShow @ 708-363-3612 ToyConToyshow.com

Accepting Card & New Toy donations for
the Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation
at the Annex! Come out & have a grand time!

Thank you & see you all there!

Download Dealers Contract

Thanks to everyone for supporting CECE and the Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation.
Info on future projects posted soon, so please check frequently!


Sept. 16th & 17th, 2011

Show Hours:
Friday Sept. 16th 8:00pm to 11:00pm (7:30pm Early Bird)
Saturday Sept. 17th -9:00am to 3:30pm (8:30 am Early Bird)


Artists scheduled to appear:

Artist Guest of Honor - Dave Dorman
Appearing Saturday only.


Connie Persampieri - Web Site

Tom Jozwiak

Chris Foreman - Web Site
Chris has unfortunately had to cancel his appearance at CECE. Check out his art and web site anyway! We'll miss you, Chris.

Mark McHaley - Web Site

Tom Kelly - Web Site
Appearing Saturday only.

Ted Dastick, Jr - Web Site

Kristin Allen - Web Site

Jake Reuth - Web Site

Cynthia Narcisi (Friday only)- Web Site

Jimmy Hasse - Web Site

Jeff Clark - Web Site

Laura Inglis - Web Site

Scott Zambelli - Web Site

Peter G.

Becca Whitaker - Web Site
(Update: Becca has canceled her appearance but
have a look at her web site to see where she may be
appearning next)

Tony Smith- just added


Prepare To Be Transformed!

Make Up Artist Tara Schile of Sincere Costumes will be doing make up right at the show! For $25, you can become a Zombie, have a hand-painted mask put on, or have a glamorous beauty makeover---and $5 from every makeup session will be donated to the Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation! Swing by her booth for your makeover or to make an appointment for later in the day!

Tara's website is www.Starina23.Etsy.com

Dealers scheduled to appear:

• Non-Sport Update Magazine
• K & J Nonsport Cards
• Sci-Fi Cards
• Looky Here
• Dave Hartmann
• RC Comics
• Ron Gahan
• Don Troy
• Star Memories
• The Wrapper magazine

• Iggy & Carl
• Movie Collectors World
• Lou Bielakowski
• Don Tieri
• Black Lagoon Collectibles
• Bryan Schemine

• Murtz Comics
• TNT Comics & Toys
• Larry Rivkin
• Jackpot Amusements
• DVD World

Media Guests
(Guests may charge a fee for their autograph)

Scott L. Schwartz

Kevin "The Butcher" Hughes

Chair Yoga with Cynthia Narcisi

Friday night only

Tired and achy from standing in long convention lines?
Drained by huge crowds and bright lights?
Feet in agony from standing all day?
Low back begging for a stretch?

Learn gentle, seated techniques that you can do at your table or in your hotel room to make your convention experience a healthier one:
• increase your energy
• reduce stress
• stretch your back, legs, neck, and shoulders (ahhhh!)

No yoga experience needed. Chairs provided. Every BODY welcome!

$5.00 minimum suggested donation (benefiting the Treasure Chest Foundation)

For ages 18+ up.
Space is limited. First come, first serve basis!
(2) 45 minute classes available Friday night only:
• 8:30pm - 9:15pm
• 10:00pm - 10:45pm

Cynthia received her Yoga Teachers Certification from North Shore Yoga in 2010. She has additional teachers training in the Ashtanga lineage from Manju Jois, son of Sri K. Pattahbi Jois. She also studied yoga, meditation, and ayurveda in India in 2009.

Meet and Greet Melanie Bolen

Welcome Melanie Bolen at her first official convention appearance. Melanie is a certified Personal Trainer/Group Fitness Instructor, Independent Beachbody Coach, model, cosplayer and trading card collector! She's super excited to be part of this event and combining two things which she really enjoys (pop culture and fitness!

Learn more about Melanie at her site:www.personalfitnessathome.com

Cynthia and Melanie collaborated on a unique set of fitness trading cards just for CECE. Limited to 50 sets! Get yours while supplies last!

Charity Auction Artwork

This beautiful piece of artwork represents over 40 hours of creativity by the lovely artist, Connie Faye.
Autographed by Main Character Actors: Robert Picardo & Richard Hatch, and by the creator of this stunning piece, herself, Connie Faye!

Starting bid $ 349.00.

100% of the Revenue from the charity auction will benefit the Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation.

Announcing The Treasure Chest of Art and
NSU Magazine Variant Premium Raffle!

Only $5.00 per ticket, no limit to purchase. Winner to be announced on Saturday, Sept 17th at the Chicago Expo and need not be present (shipping charges apply if winner is not present at time of drawing). Winner is asked to pay a flat shipping rate (Priority Mail, insured.) Or, prizes may be picked up Sept 17th at the show!

Shipping Fees:
Ewok NSU issue shipping fee is $10.00 Domestic, $ 15.00 International.

Treasure Chest of Art shipping fee is $20.00 Domestic, $50.00 International

Choice of prizes are :

The 2010 NSU Variant Issue - This collectors edition contains Star Wars artwork by Lucasfilm artist and fan favorite Mark McHaley! Also inside this sealed copy is the FIRST AND ONLY OFFICIAL STAR WARS EWOK COSTUME CARD! Issue #1 and extremely RARE! Drawing will be held at 3pm central on Saturday, Sept. 17th.

The Treasure Chest of Art- There will be a small handle of the chests in this special premium raffle for the customer to choose from. Due to the multiple prizes, the drawings will be held at various times during the Expo on Saturday, Sept. 17th. To learn more about the Treasure of Art, read more...

Customers MUST SPECIFY which prize they would like to win (Treasure Chest of Art or Variant Magazine) when purchasing the premium raffle tickets. There are no trades, exceptions, exclusions, or refunds.

Purchase Your Raffle Ticket Right Here Via PayPal. Just select which prize, or both! Raffle Tickets will not be physically mailed out. Please retain your Paypal receipt for your records.
Thank you,


100% of the proceeds will benefit the
Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation.

H.G. Wells Time Machine Photo Op for Charity!

Here is your chance of a lifetime!
Have your photo taken, with your camera with this full sized replica of H.G.Wells' Time Machine for only a $5.00 minimum (per photo).Please donate more at the show if you like! Or purchase your photo op below.

100% of the revenue benefits the Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation.

This Time Machine is built by and presented courtesy of Tom Jozwiak. Thank you, Tom!

Meet Colleen Kisel from the Treasure Chest Foundation on Sept 17th. Colleen just announced the opening of the 40th Treasure Chest. Ask her how you can support the TCF! There are many different ways as we discovered. No effort is too small when it comes to improving the quality of life of the children.

Congratulations to Colleen and the staff of the Pediatric Oncology Treasure Chest Foundation!





POTCF Display at our booth at C2E2 in March, 2011.


Sept. 9th-12th, 2010

Thanks to everyone for supporting the 10th Anniversary Expo!
We look forward to seeing you in 2011.

For a list of Media Guests who attended our Fall 2010 Expo, click here.
For a list of Artists/Creators who attended, click here.


As always, help us support The Treasure Chest by bringing your unopened toys to our show, and receive a free gift, while supplies last. You can also help The Treasure Chest by using Good Search instead of Google for your searches. Just type "The Treasure Chest Foundation" in the charity field, and Good Search will donate to this outstanding organization!
Thank you!

Thank you to EVERYONE who have made our past shows a HUGE success! We appreciate everyone who attended and exhibited- our guests, dealers, artists and especially all the wonderful collectors!
We look forward to seeing you again!


2007 Chicagoland Entertainment Collectors Expo

Spring 2008 CECE Guest Artists:
Left to right: Jeff Clark, Paul, Jess Hickman, Uko Smith,
Chris Edwards (owner ScoundrelPublishing.com) and Cynthia Cummens

We welcome your ideas, comments, guest or artist suggestions!
Please post or email me directly cecexpo@gmail.com. I will read and respond
to all emails as quickly as I can.


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